Getting started in HZ Minecraft

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Getting started in HZ Minecraft

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First things first, Welcome to HZ Minecraft

First thing you want to do is check out the players handbook, there's a lot of nuances and features of the server! You don't want to miss out on something big. ... sp=sharing

Next after you spawn in the world take note of the spawn Island, there are some warp signs in spawn that lead to other safe zones in our map.
You can also type /spawn at any time to return to spawn.

Our world is harsh. Filled with bloodthirsty creepers, skeletons, and zombies. You're going to want to get a bed as soon as possible, so if you die you'll have a set re-spawn point. Otherwise you'll spawn randomly in the world.

The next big thing of note is our points system. The player's handbook explains everything. You can spend points in the shop by right-clicking the sign. To use the enchant shop, you right click with the item you want to enchant in your hand.

Happy Crafting, Slaying, and Conquering,