Kanna's Mod Application

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Kanna's Mod Application

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Minecraft Username:

Time spent playing Minecraft:
Around 5-6 years

Why should you be a Moderator:
I believe I should be a mod because of the experience I have with players and the community. Although I don't have minecraft mod experience, I do have Gmod staff experience. Gmod though not being the same game, is even more toxic and harder to handle compared to Minecraft. I've got 2 years under my belt for staff experience as being a Mod for about 3 months, an Admin for about 5 months, a Senior Admin for around 2 months (after this I left the Gmod server as they were very toxic at the time), and a Co-Owner for around 2 months. I'm also one of the most active members currently in the Minecraft server and I've shown my dedication from spending hours on the server playing and communicating with others. I'm an easy going person, though I can take situations very seriously if needed. I like to think I'm very intuitive and easy to understand when it comes to conversations. I'd also love to just help out around as you, Rambo, are the only staff member on this server. I'd like to be able to experience the server growth as staff member and a player.

Gmod staff experience being a Mod for 3ish months, Admin for 5ish months, a Senior Admin for 2ish months, and a Co-Owner for 2ish months.
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Re: Kanna's Mod Application

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